Temporary (Chronic: Part 4)

(Finished November 29, 2021)

Pieces of me lay dead on the ground

Who I am to be has no bound

Years I carry, and yet, they no longer belong to me

All that my mirror sees is but merely temporary

For one to hold on, I long

But for the constant, am I strong?

Constant escape is my fate, and transitions are where I belong

Leafless are the trees

Leaving behind all that they used to be

Dormant this illness lies in me

To be who I once was; I am no longer free

When will my eyes set on who I am

When my reflection is only but a sham

Oh, I’m fooling myself by thinking that there’s something to maintain

Who I am today is only yesterday’s remains

This blight is withering me away

No Eden for me to be rooted and stay

Strong I thought I stood, but with the wind, I sway

And now my colors fade the colder my days

Celebrate the evergreen

Oh, what a dream that seems

Perennial I wish a stage of life could be

But for me, life has never been rooted in constancy

And as the might of trees can’t handle the change of seasons

For me to embrace change, I have nothing but reasons

I know there’s calm in steadiness, but can’t you find mercy

In change, in the hopes of the pain being temporary

Oh Winter, take my leaves if you’ll later give me Spring

And let life go on and give me its rings

In the wind, I’ll leave my leaves rustle and sing

All that is lost allows for life to newly give and bring




Just trying to grasp the universe and beyond.

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Norhan Mahmoud Eassa

Norhan Mahmoud Eassa

Just trying to grasp the universe and beyond.

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