Shelter (Chronic: Part 6)

(Finished January 15, 2022)

Is there a cure to the illness of the heart

Other than us no longer being apart?

I’ve waited for you dearly, but you could be anyone

I have yet to find you on these lands under the sun

And so I roam, knowing that I still have no home to dwell in

All alone, my heart misplaced as it has yet to be put in your palms

Where can I find you to take in your body shelter?

Maybe if I lay in your arms, things will get better

See how all these men have laid around me as if I were their mother

While I weep here like a child with no father

Take me and make me your daughter

Embrace me like there is no other

In my dreams, you come to me with your name as Adam

As each day, I pray it be the eve of me seeing you as the world’s only man

I’d take the green of your eyes as my land

And my heaven to be in the palms of your hands

Willingly, I’d sink in your embrace like the depths of all seas

Your face to me would be the only sun I’d see

Where can I find you to take in your heart place?

Not worry that you’ll mind me taking in your mind space

Living without your warmth, no wonder I shiver

And the more I go without your touch, I wither

Come to me and let this loneliness shudder

Take my breath as I lose it to my voice’s quaver

In my eyes, you’ll find laying their craving to be set on you

But each day passes, your face still found amongst none, neither old nor new

And here I am, left to myself to always collapse

Hiding my weakness is soon to lapse

Hide me away, as vulnerable as I can be, take me all in like no other

I’ve had nowhere to stay, I’ve had nowhere to lean, would you give my heart shelter?

Finally comes the end of Project Chronic. As much as this project has been about the chronic pains and aches that I’ve endured, as much as it has been about my learning to let go of them. I took my time with this project, a little more than anticipated, as I started this project last August. With that came a true metamorphosis to each part as my thoughts and feelings marinated more and more with time. They were all much more vulnerable and intimate than I expected, and that is something that I do truly cherish about this project. Well then, on to the next one!




Just trying to grasp the universe and beyond.

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Norhan Mahmoud Eassa

Norhan Mahmoud Eassa

Just trying to grasp the universe and beyond.

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