Present (Far: Part 4)

(Finished March 26, 2022)

What if I’m lost reading the stars,

Know nothing about where we are

What if I’d prefer these daydreams

Over drowning in reality’s stream

Oh, I’d do anything to be present if I can

But all that I want is too far from my hands

Open eyes fluttering away time

As vision fails to extend beyond the mind

Lost touch with the world, can’t find a rhyme

How could oblivion ever be defined?

Pacing back and forth

And for what it’s worth

I can’t take a step forward without making it more than it is

And aren’t you tired from the trope

Of running with each glimmer of hope

To extremes that could only be entertained by the senseless

As I anticipate what is to come, and rue what was left behind

It seems that to what is already present here, I have gone blind

Closed ears blissful in ignorance

As voice can’t reach them with what one has missed

Lost in the pursuit to escape; Lost my entrance

Back into the one reality that shall persist

Rocking to and fro

And I’d hate to let you know

I can hear you speak out all these demands, but I just can’t focus

Oh, and I’m so tired of seeming so detached

But this craving in me seems to be unmatched;

To play out all the possibilities that come to mind, oh how so endless

Far from what has left and what is yet to arrive, but frantically, I wait

But here lies a present whose time has come; who knew that to the present, you could be late?




Just trying to grasp the universe and beyond.

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Norhan Mahmoud Eassa

Norhan Mahmoud Eassa

Just trying to grasp the universe and beyond.

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