Plague (Periphery: Part 3)

(Finished October 7, 2017)

Delirium: My mind’s beloved swain

It wants to handle all that comes from love, even its worst pain

Lost in that bad habit

My mind just doesn’t want to stop it

Though if you look into my eyes, you’ll see its gruesome agony

It’s taken its toll even out of my prayers

The tension of it all reaching my soul’s deepest layers

Now I just hope that such involuntary troubles won’t be taken against me

Dolour swindled my mind out of the will to fight it and give my being vitality

Tricked it into loving its numbness and knowing nothing other than its malady

Refusing lithium’s acquaintance

My mind could have been saved, I know its plague wasn’t that grave

But it romanticized what forced it to cave

It caved in to sorrow plaguing my existence

Devotion: My heart’s most dreadful foe

It can’t handle what has forced itself into it, causing utter woe

Lost in that illusion

My heart has nothing to hold on

Though if you hear its beats, you’ll know that it’s oddly become anew

I wish this pain would have never made its way to my prayers

The intensity of it all quivering my soul’s deepest layers

Now I just hope that such involuntary troubles won’t ever be knew

Horror swindled my heart out of the courage to face it and give my being meaning

Tricked it into hating its nature and knowing no other than the demeaning

Refusing the inevitable

My heart could have been cured, I know its plague wasn’t that horrid

But it romanticized what the sane should forbid

It never did forbid sorrow plaguing my fragile navel

Plague: A state that I’ve become used to

Hush, there is nothing that you could do

I would have liked to say that this piece came to me suddenly and took me a few minutes. But no, it wasn’t at all a matter of a few minutes. This is the recollection of the accumulation of many deep sorrows. Enjoy.