Home (Far: Part 5)

(Finished April 9, 2022)

Oh North Star, I have no way for you to guide me

Oh North Star, tell your fellow stars that they can be such lonely company

I stay up with them the nights but they never come down to me

But why blame them when they’ve found their home in the sky, home is the place to be

Home is a state of mind

No matter how far you go, it’s not left behind

But why does it feel like home is nowhere to find

When, in the heart, it’s no longer defined

Alone, I walk the streets

Dim lights and faint sounds are all I meet

Through the door I come, the stagnant I greet

I lay down to my slumber as the air I deplete

I fool myself into thinking the problem is the place, but I can forever roam

And there’d be nowhere to settle, no peace of mind, as long as I’m here alone

A ceiling and four walls I can own

But I’d still have nowhere to call home

Home is where the heart guides

One to go back to, where the love still abides

Even if one’s not there, there the mind resides

If only it weren’t in the memories home only chose to confide

Alone, I go back in time

To a place where all was whole, where all was sublime

I stood on a land that I knew was mine

Pure the days were, lost now in their confines

Lost now as I know that there is no place I truly belong to

Lost now as I have no place where I can finally find you

Far I am now on my own

Lost in my dreams to come back home




Just trying to grasp the universe and beyond.

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Norhan Mahmoud Eassa

Norhan Mahmoud Eassa

Just trying to grasp the universe and beyond.

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