Burden (Far: Part 2)

(Finished February 14, 2022)

To be light, to fade away

Like the night swindles the day

Not held onto, and so I don’t stay

I’ll carry the burden of being alone on my way

I am the weight and I am who carries

It is my fate to always bury

Down my pain, with all restraint

Fear of disdain hides away my every complaint

You see it in my eyes, I hear it in my lies

Bottling up; my patience it tries

But why would I burden you with such ache

When I know it’d do nothing for either my or your sake

There are mountains that I can get off my chest

But there’s nowhere to ground them to bring my heart to rest

And so I carry the weight of my world on my shoulders

And push around my heart like Sisyphus’ boulder

I am the war and I am the wager

Thoughts torn, and yet, I come with a heaviness, I’ll wager

Words said, with no wording to their intent

But in my head, they’re a sign for me to repent

My being here with thee, weighing you down with me

Welling up; my tears’ treachery

How can I see myself other than a burden to all

Far away I keep running, on my own I fall

A labyrinth I’ve set to get down to my core

As I’m sure you’ll turn away if you were to know more

And so deep inside, I reside, hoping that I am no bother

To your eyes, my light becomes fainter as to life I become sober




Just trying to grasp the universe and beyond.

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Norhan Mahmoud Eassa

Norhan Mahmoud Eassa

Just trying to grasp the universe and beyond.

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