(Finished September 11, 2021)

Would you hide me in the shade of your bower?

Oh, I have no power

To water these rosebuds

Oh, please do, I beg, as in my hands they’ll lay dead

Tell me, can I ever find in the mold of my palm your hand?

You hold me, and your eyes pour such craving in a deserted land

Or so I see, my mind tipsy on such sweet decadence

But oh how weak I know I’ll be to hold onto you in your actual presence

How can I let all of the heart stream like the…

(Finished August 26, 2021)

It had been years

Since I heard the waves crashing in my ears

The joy of a child as you took me by my hand

To dip my toes in the sand

You wanted to pave the way for me

To always find my way to the sea

Here’s the way, but where are you to guide me?

In the sky, you fly, as you come to me in my dreams

Swimming in it like Neptune in his seas, it seems

Too high you are, too low I’ve drowned

In my sorrow over your spirit no…

(Finished August 13, 2021)

Reciting the moments that I can still grasp on

As if they were a poem whose verses I sing as a song

All images that I want to give vision to lay in the tucks of my mind

Fooling me, it loves to do; Deceived I could be as it goes blind

There are moments when I see no outline to anything

Everything overflowing and so overwhelming

Have nothing to hold onto, nowhere to cling

And I wonder, is this world even a thing

And as I can’t see the world clearly, I wonder

Will there…

(Finished July 23, 2021)


In my room

And there’s a fire upstairs

But it ain’t coming down to the cold here

And there’s smoke in the air

But why would a chest that can take no breath even care

Out of sight, out of mind, out of heart

We’re drifting apart

You want to talk to me about the stars

But can’t see that I’m already being sucked in

You’d think no harm nor change could happen where I am, so far

Oh, but there’s no time left for me beyond this horizon

And here I am, left in…

(Finished July 11, 2021)

As the raindrops take my tears with them

And the clouds cover you, my shining sun

It’s like the sky knew

That it’d lose its shade of blue

Just to say goodbye to you

It had been quite heavy to start the day for a while

All that I had to wake up for was your smile

And as we’d both have to go on with our day

To the lullaby of the rain against my window, I’d lay

If only time didn’t have a say

In separating us more than we already were, half the…

(Finished June 29, 2021)

What is poetry

If you’re not here with me

I was left with no words to speak

Frame stone-cold, bones so weak

What is poetry

If you’re not here to sing with me

How can one write what one could only weep

Bliss so shallow, sorrow so deep

I once wrote to heal

But can’t put into words what I deny is real

I can’t see your absence eye-to-eye

And still dream of you as if it all were a lie

But if you were still here with me

You’d ask me about my poetry


(Finished June 30, 2020)

Dear secret lover, I got your letter

In the mail, it was left there

For many days, I was left unaware

Dear secret lover, I never got back to you not because I didn’t care

But my heart had no words to match yours in its love for me

Oh, the ache of having love out of reach

Oh, the ache of not finding love no matter how much you search

It was a matter of days and I was supposed to fly away

And in those last days, you didn’t know what to say


(Finished June 1, 2020)

I’ve got no one

Here I am, all alone

Sharing myself to walls that don’t listen

A presence lost, not within anyone’s timeline

Left to my thoughts, left to our sins

I’m burning out

The fire within me is starting to doubt

Is there any hope left for it to stay lit?

Why did I even start it?

These are my sins

Murdering my heart on a whim

Losing my mind to the numbness

Coming with every chance that one has missed

I want to be free of myself

Down the spiral I go, losing every…

(Finished May 24, 2020)

Why oh heart so silent

When you’ve abandoned a sanctuary to which you always went

How can you so readily

Leave behind your joy, peace of mind, and tranquility

Come back, come back

Come back to a love so pure

The heart longs to find the trail

Back to a land of fairy tales

Drawn by one’s own palms

As one writes down their stories and sings their songs

A land that one left, so hasty

Thinking that one’s passion is just make-believe

And so one took no lilies from their trees

And never looked back…

(Finished May 17, 2020)

Where do I have left to go?

What do I have left to do?

All that I have left is the mind to show

These blurry dreams that will never come true

How do you hide away from the vacant,

Slide away from a thought you repent

I feel I’ve got nowhere for my breath to come in anew

Tomorrow will bring yesterday that I already knew

And how mind-boggling it is to see the world lose its virtue -

The change that would come, the hope that would come through

When you knew that no…

Norhan Mahmoud Eassa

Just trying to grasp the universe and beyond.

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